Self Notification

How webhooks learn about themselves

In addition to the event classes to which you are subscribed, your webhook url will also receive events related to the specific webhook itself.

When receiving an event about itself, the events have the same structure and signature as normal events, but will come via HTTP verbs other than POST, so that they may be differentiated.

The webhook will not receive events about other webhooks unless you are subscribed to those events explicitly. If you are explicitly subscribed, you may receive duplicate copies of the events relating to the webhook itself, one via a typical POST, and one via the specific verbs listed in the table.

Event TypeVerbEvent Description
webhook.deletedDELETEWebhook has been permanently deleted
webhook.activatedPUTWebhook has been activated and will begin sending events. You may not receive this event on initial webhook creation if the hook was not first in the draft state.
webhook.deactivatedPUTWebhook has been manually deactivated and will not send further events after a short delay
webhook.erroredPUTWebhook has been automatically deactivated after there were too many errors when sending events to the destination URL