Current Events

The current list of events in TidyHQ

These are the event types currently available from the webhooks system. Keep in mind that as new events are added, your wildcards may start to match new events.

Event NameKindDescription
contact.activatedcontactContact transitions to active (e.g. previously inactive becomes active, active for the first time).
contact.deactivatedcontactContact transitions to inactive (e.g. trashed).
contact.mergedcontactTwo contacts are merged, also includes extra context.
contact.updatedcontactAttributes of contact have changed (doesn't trigger on all fields). is added to a group. is removed from a group.
event.createdeventEvent is created in draft form.
event.activatedeventEvent is saved and is available.
event.updatedeventAttributes of event have changed.
event.deletedeventEvent has been deleted.
event.pack.reservedevent.packA group of tickets has been reserved for sale.
event.pack.activatedevent.packA group of tickets have been sold.
event.pack.expiredevent.packA group of tickets has exceeded time they can be reserved.
event.pack.cancelledevent.packA group of tickets have been cancelled.
event.ticket.createdevent.ticketEvent ticket type has been created.
event.ticket.updatedevent.ticketEvent ticket type has been updated.
event.ticket.deletedevent.ticketEvent ticket type has been deleted.
finance.order.pendingfinance.orderAn order is waiting to be processed.
finance.order.activatedfinance.orderAn order has been paid.
finance.order.awaiting_paymentfinance.orderAn order requires manual intervention to have its payment processed.
finance.order.rejectedfinance.orderAn order has failed to process.
finance.order.cancelledfinance.orderAn order has been cancelled.
finance.order.expiredfinance.orderAn order has exceeded time it can be in a pending state.
membership.createdmembershipNew membership is added.
membership.updatedmembershipMembership state / dates are updated.
membership.deletedmembershipMembership is removed.
membership.activatedmembershipMembership has been activated.
membership.partiatedmembershipMembership has been been partially paid for.
membership.expiredmembershipMembership has expired.
membership.cancelledmembershipMembership has been cancelled.
subscription.createdsubscriptionSubscription is created within membership.
subscription.updatedsubscriptionSubscription state / dates are updated.
subscription.deletedsubscriptionSubscription is deleted.
subscription.startedsubscriptionSubscription transitioned to active state.
subscription.expiredsubscriptionSubscription transitioned to expired date.
subscription.continuedsubscriptionSubscription transitions to active or partial.
subscription.cancelledsubscriptionSubscription is cancelled.
webhook.deletedwebhookWebhook has been permanently deleted.
webhook.activatedwebhookWebhook has been activated.
webhook.deactivatedwebhookWebhook has been manually deactivated.
webhook.erroredwebhookWebhook has been automatically deactivated after there were too many errors when sending events to the destination URL.

And the following kinds are are mapped to the API:

contact.groupTo be documented.
eventTo be documented.
event.packTo be documented.
event.ticketTo be documented.
finance.orderTo be documented.