What is our API?

The TidyHQ API allows you to include the power of TidyHQ directly into your app. The API provides methods to read and write from TidyHQ securely, so your users can bring all their important information with them to your app. Any changes they make will be updated in realtime to all of their computers, tablets and mobile phones. You'll also have access to powerful features such as contacts, events, memberships, finances, tasks and more.

This is the homepage for our v2 API, which you should use if it provides the functionality you need. If it doesn't, please see our v1 API at

We have a Facebook Group for everyone who is using the TidyHQ API to build out their solution. Please join us at

Why TidyHQ?

The API is the easiest and most robust way to keep all aspects of your organisation up to date across all devices and all of your committee. By using our API, not only will you make your app more powerful and easy to use, but you'll be broadening your audience to the people who are already using TidyHQ. We're constantly improving the API and will be looking to add native development kits for the most popular mobile and web platforms to make integrating simple.

Public and Private Data

In order to read or write private data using the TidyHQ API, you will need to supply additional user-authentication tokens. This extra information lets TidyHQ know who should be authorized to access private data during the request.

Whenever you provide additional user access tokens, both public and private data will be available.

For an API Method calls which is designed exclusively for private data access. and doesn't have an associated user access token the request will be rejected when trying to match user credentials.

What’s Next

For questions about how TidyHQ would work with your app, feel free to contact us.